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“Spirit Babies are REAL”
-  Lynsi Eastburn


We help women get and stay pregnant.

What is HypnoFertility?

Lynsi Eastburn developed this one-of-a-kind 3Keys® HypnoFertility methodology.


Over the past 20 years, she has personally helped hundreds of women to get pregnant, and her has helped thousands of women worldwide.


This conception program consists of 12 sessions. Your program will be tailored to your needs, taking your individual circumstances into account: Are you hoping for natural conception? Undergoing IVF and/or other conventional medical assistance? What barriers have you faced in your efforts to conceive?

All sessions are recorded so that you can reinforce the benefits of the hypnotherapeutic state by repeated listening. In each session, therapeutic hypnosis techniques are used to help with subconscious exploration and to connect with your authentic self.

Throughout the program we pay attention
to your input so that we can design each session to fit your precise—and most current—circumstances. Ultimately, we start from where you are and proceed accordingly.

What challenges do I help people overcome?

I support people with the following challenges to get them from where they are to where they want to be:

  • Feeling exhausted or tired all the time.

  • Suffering from sudden mood changes.

  • Gut issues.

  • Wants to lose weight.

  • Would like to have clear skin.

  • Wants better health.

  • Would like to have more energy.

  • Wants to feel and be happier.

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Client Testimonial

Talking to you really helped me to look at things from another point of view. They were the best 90 minutes of the last years.

- Ana C, Sydney, Audiologist

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Who is this for?


You are open minded and ready to transform your health.

You know you will reach your goals faster if you work closely with someone who has achieved what you are looking for.

You are looking for an individual, structured pathway to health tailored towards your unique requirements which does not overwhelm you.

You have tried every diet, followed your health professional’s advice and still haven’t achieved your goals.

You are willing to take ownership of your health and committed to building new lasting habits.

You are looking for a holistic solution – integrating multiple modalities (such as diet, mindset, physical exercise etc…).

You are looking for a partner who can be your coach, cheerleader and sometimes butt-kicker.

Who is it not for?

This is not suitable for you if:

  • You are happy with where you are in terms of your energy levels, mood and gut health.

  • You know exactly what your next steps are in terms of improving your overall health.

  • You are set into your beliefs and are not open-minded.

  • You are seeking medical advice. In this case I recommend you see a doctor or health practitioner.

What will we cover?

90min 1 : 1 personal coaching session with Kris

Full Gut Health Assessment covering

  • Mindset

  • Diet

  • Career & Passion

  • Exercise

  • Sleep & Breathing

  • Relationships

  • Toxins

Your custom Health Roadmap

  • Your ultimate health goals

  • Your current health situation

  • Action plan that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle and boosts your health to the next level

Client Testimonial

Wow – this was so incredibly valuable. I feel like having a mirror in-front of me. Thank you so much – this is life-changing.

- Carlos R, Sydney, Quality & Compliance Officer, Hewlett-Packard

What you will get

You will walk away with a clear vision of your healthy self and list of recommended actions so we can define your next steps.


Before our call:

  • You complete and submit a Gut Health Assessment online

  • I review your input so we can immediately start to build your custom health roadmap

During our call:

  • Together we will discuss the results of your Gut Health Assessment

  • We will go deeper into the relevant topics

  • Learn techniques to connect with your own intuition (your Gut Guru)

  • You will get crystal clear on your personal Health Vision

  • Based on your vision we will create your custom Health Roadmap with a clear strategy that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle and boosts your health to the next level

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Meet Kris

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Kris Goetz is a business and lifestyle coach, author, TEDx speaker and CEO / founder of I Quit Dairy. She has learned from thought leaders such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay and Dan Buettner whose guidance helped her to cure her chronic headaches, a major hip injury and lose 15kgs. Kris regularly speaks at health and wellness symposiums in Australia and Europe. Many people who work with her have improved their health, lost weight and gained more energy.

Location and Dates

Ideally this session will take place via Skype or phone at a mutually convenient time.

What's the investment?

$300 for this 90 minute strategy session

How do you get started?

Contact us if you have any questions!

Contact us if you have any questions!

* Results may vary and depend on the individual’s circumstances.